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Developer Kernel Price Changes

TatukGIS announces Developer Kernel price adjustments to become effective on June 1, 2018.

  • The Developer Kernel (all editions) license price will increase to $2,990 (previously $2,490).
  • DK license support/upgrades annual maintenance renewal and re-activation prices will continue to be based on percentages of the current DK license price, and the percentages will remain unchanged. Therefore, maintenance pricing will change proportionately to the change in the DK license price, with adjustments for volume discounts.
  • Volume discounts on purchases and annual maintenance renewal transactions involving multiple licenses of the same product will increase to 20% (previously 12%) on transactions involving 2-4 licenses, to 30% (previously 25%) on transactions involving 5-9 licenses, and to 40% (previously 35%) on transactions involving at least 10 licenses.
  • All DK for Delphi license purchases from June 1 will include both desktop (supporting development for Windows and MacOS) and mobile (supporting development for iOS and Android) variants. For new buyers, this means a $500 price decrease (to $2,990 from $3,490) to get both the desktop and mobile variants. For existing DK.Delphi customers, this means a $500 price decrease (to $500 from $1,000) to convert from desktop+only status to desktop+mobile status. For existing DK.Delphi desktop+mobile customers, this means a $200 price decrease (to $1,196 from $1,396) for the annual maintenance renewal.
  • The $7,500 price premium for Enterprise over standard DK licensing (regardless of the license quantity) will remain and the benefits of Enterprise licensing will increase significantly. Starting June 1, Enterprise licensing will give each DK licensed developer rights to use all DK product editions, e.g., for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX, Java, and Delphi (desktop and mobile variants), as well as one license of the TatukGIS Editor. In addition to the TatukGIS support for advanced spatial databases, Enterprise licensing will include future (when available) TatukGIS topological layer functionality on Oracle Spatial and PostGIS databases.
  • The DK-Combo license option will be discontinued and replaced by DK Enterprise licensing. Existing DK-Combo customers with be converted to DK Enterprise.

DK customers with scheduled maintenance renewal/expiration earlier than August 30, 2018 may renew their license maintenance early (before May 30, 2018) to take advantage of the pre-increase prices.

The TatukGIS Editor price remains unchanged, though the greater volume discounts also will apply to the Editor. This will reduce the price for purchase and maintenance renewal transactions involving multiple Editor licenses.

Posted: May 01, 2018