Editor 5 Beta

Customers with valid support plans can download the Editor 5 Beta (EDT5) at My Products.

The full Editor 5 announcement will be posted upon the product release. Briefly for now:

  • Most changes are under-the-hood. Other than the redesigned visual layer property control, the Editor/Viewer 5 looks very similar to the previous version.
  • The Editor/Viewer 5 is built on the Developer Kernel 11 and brings all the newest DK functionality, including recently added OpenCL support.
  • We will add some more utility scripts relating to interpolation & viewshed analyses upon, or shortly after, the release.
  • The Editor 5 scripting API is more comprehensive than ever before. It is now so close to the regular Developer Kernel product that we decided to call it DK for Editor.
  • Existing Editor 4 scripts must be slightly updated to run under the EDT5, due to API changes. See: Migrating to DK11.
  • We plan to release the EDT5 very soon, so if you develop scripts, its time to download and test the Beta. Please share your feedback and comments with support@.

Posted: April 21, 2018 | with 0 comments
Filed under: BETA, EDT, VWR
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