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Using MapBox

It is easy to use MapBox coverages as a background images for TatukGIS projects.

Required steps:
  • Visit www.Mapbox.com
    • Create an account. A trial subscription offers worldwide street map coverage while a paid subscription also includes level 17' worldwide satellite coverage (so pretty high detail).
    • Create a project within MapBox and add a baselayer of your choice.
    • Save the project and note the Map ID which will look like username.abcdefg.
  • Run TatukGIS Editor
    • Run the Editor "MapBox" script:
    • In the selected folder, a .ttkwp file will be created for reuse later.
    • Note that the traffic and cost of using MapBox is calculated based on personal Map ID, so each user should have his/her own credentials.
Posted: August 26, 2014
Filed under: DK, EDT, VWR, WebTiles