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DK 11 Training Kits for .NET and Delphi

Third party Training Kits for the TatukGIS Developer Kernel .NET and Delphi editions have been updated to reflect the latest DK version 11. Offered by a long-time TatukGIS customer and value-added partner in the United States, the training kits are designed to shorten the DK product learning curve to enable TatukGIS customers to more quickly and efficiently take advantage of DK supported functionality to develop powerful GIS applications. The DK Training Kits include a training manual with 17 chapters of instruction material illustrating how to set-up and use the DK.NET or DK.Delphi to create 12 focused applications, along with source code to the applications, sample data, and videos.

The DK.NET and DK.Delphi Training Kits can be purchased directly from this TatukGIS value-added partner. For more information, visit: www.tatukgisconsulting.com

Posted: August 17, 2017
Filed under: DK