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New Oracle driver, Persistent networks, and a new License Agreement

Today we posted updates to all of TatukGIS products. As usual, there were bug fixes but also some new functionality:

New Oracle driver
We reinvented our Oracle connection. The whole diver functionality has been embedded into the DK source code. End user requirements is now only OCI.DLL. The new driver generally should be faster (sometimes dramatically). All existing projects will be routed to the new driver transparently.

Persistent networks
Finally, the Shortest Path algorithm saves the network to the disk. So subsequent opening of application is blazing fast. We also fix few small issues, for example: default route cost is based on GIS_LENGTH value (so it is represented in meters regardless of projection).

New license agreement
All products are included in the license agreement 3.0. The entire agreement has been rewritten. There are no dramatic changes in the licensing terms, but rather more clarification of various issues such as relating to home computer use, build machine or terminal server environments, etc.
Posted: December 02, 2010
Filed under: DK, EDT, IS, VWR