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Editor 3D Feedback from a Beta Tester

DataQuint, a GIS oriented software development company in the Netherlands, uses the TatukGIS Editor, TatukGIS DK.NET, and TatukGIS Internet Server to graphically present the different types of infrastructural assets that municipalities in the Netherlands are responsible for maintaining for their citizens (like trees, roads, and sewers).
In these images, the Editor v.3 is used to pull together and present as a single 3D map view, municipal infrastructure data stored in multiple data types and warehouses (Oracle Spatial, Shapefiles, and a WMS layer). Users and managers of the data can now clearly see the different infrastructural elements (and their heights), both above and/or below ground level.

Dronten_1.png Dronten_6.png Dronten_2.png
Dronten_3.png Dronten_4.png Dronten_5.png
Posted: February 13, 2011
Filed under: EDT