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Free Coordinate Calculator vs Editor

TatukGIS offers a Free Coordinate Calculator. Using this simple product you can convert coordinates between thousands of coordinate system. However it is some limitation: you can convert coordinates only one by one. What if you want to convert batch files?

The answer is a script provided with TatukGIS Editor "Coordinate System Converter" (CSConverter.ssproj). Using this script, which basically has the same functionality as free converter but it can be executed with command line parameters for batch processing, e.g. 

  ttkEDT.exe /es=full_path\CSConverter.ssproj /from=4326 /to=3786 < input_file.txt > output_file.txt

Example of input file:
    10/15/20E 2/23/3N 10
    1/35/44W 22/4/56S 11
    56/45/2E 14/18/5S 21
First column is the longitude or easting , second is the latitude or northing and third is the altitude. Input coordinates can be given both in DMS and DD formats. Output is always given in the DD format. Word 'quit' or an empty line terminates the execution of the script (does not need to occur in input file).

And because the full code for this script is provided - you can alter this script to meet your particular requirements.
Posted: January 12, 2010
Filed under: CALC, CS, EDT