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Embarcadero Has Announced Low-cost Delphi & C++ Builder Starter Editions

Embarcadero has announced low-cost Delphi XE Starter Edition and C++ Builder XE Starter Editions.

At first glance the functionality is quite complete: it has almost everything except database support and advanced functionalities such as web components, UML modeling etc. The biggest difference is the licensing: the Stater Editions can be used as long as the revenue created from using the environment does not exceed $1000. Read more at Embarcadero's FAQ.

So this seems to be a product for hobbyists and start-ups. Technically it would not be difficult and probably not require a lot of work to support the Starter Editions. However, the DK.VCL ported to the Starter Editions would be limited in some ways. Based on this, we are not presently committed to porting our VCL component to those new environments.

But as usual, we are open for suggestions.

Posted: January 31, 2011
Filed under: C++BUILDER, DELPHI, DK