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Seven scripts in seven days - Day #4

During the process of preparing the Seven scripts in seven days blog, we realized something important: the ready-to-use scripts providing useful features or functionality enhancements are mixed together with the "how-to" scripts which are offered primarily just to demonstrate how to use the scripting engine. We acknowledge that this is not the most intuitive presentation.

Soon we will reorganize scripts in the Tool Manager into two categories: How-to scripts and Utilities. In the longer term, we will also modify the actual folder structure and reorganize the Tool Manager to be more user friendly.

We also plan to review again all the scripts, so do not be surprised if scripts presented in this blog are later updated, such as with changes to the user interfaces and/or improved logic (especially in the area of error handling).

The Contour script enables the generation of contour lines from any supported DEM (digital elevation) data. The contour lines are generated as 3D line shapes with labels.

Posted: January 19, 2012
Filed under: EDT, SCRIPTING