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Developer Kernel for ASP.NET Common Questions

General questions

  • DK.ASPNET vs Internet Server - is it only a name change?
    • The answer is Yes and No. Yes - because for a long time we internally planned for the next upgrade of this product to be the "Internet Server 10". No - because the product licensing has evolved from per server deployment to per developer, which makes the licensing like other editions of the Developer Kernel product (and yes - deployment is royalty free). Moreover migrating from IS to DK.ASPNET is easy but is still a migrating.
  • DK.ASPNET vs Internet Server - main differences
    • Licensing per developer not per server - royalty free deployment in most cases.
    • Built on a top the DK for .NET (whereas the IS9 was built on DK for ActiveX).
    • Generally features of DK.NET namespace TatukGIS.NDK are also present in DK.ASPNET. Of course, some features are meaningless on a server side so whole namespaces TatukGIS.NDK.Winforms and TatukGIS.NDK.WPF are not present. Furthermore some features like ECW and Lizardtech are not present due to server license restrictions.
  • How often will DK.ASPNET will be updated in the future
    • The Internet Server was not updated for a long time. Now the development is part of the Developer Kernel family and updates will be on the same schedule as other DK editions. See Release schedule blog.


  • Installation requires .NET 4.0.
  • Upon installation, setup will try to install Microsoft IIS (if not installed already) and properly activate DK.ASPNETt, and the samples will run on it. But due a bug in Skype (yes, not kidding, in Skype - it listens on a port 80 and therefore sever cannot be started), we recommend closing Skype before running the setup. After set-up, you can start Skype again. Or alternatively, you can simply restart the machine after installing DK.ASPNET.
  • To use with Visual Studio you must manually add a proper assembly to a Toolbox. To do this:
    • Create a new ASP.NET project.
    • Right click on a Toolbox then choose Select Items ...
    • Click Browse in .NET Framework Components tab.
    • Select TatukGIS.Web.dll which is typically located in the folder:
      You can also find this location by Library from TatukGIS DK.ASPNET group (a proper Shortcut should be installed on your desktop).
    • Click OK. Now components should be visible in the Toolbox.

Migrating hints

  • The Server utilizes extensively HTML5 features which all modern browsers support. We still maintain pure HTML compatibility and all non HTML5 related code will work as usual.
  • Flash based control was removed. Flash is dead and the new HTML5 mode offers more.
  • Whenever you use ASP.NET placeholder:
      <tkGIS:TGIS_ViewerIS ... />
    use now: 
      <ttkGIS:TGIS_ViewerWeb ... />
  • Whenever you use code like 
    use now:
    Use of API is no more required because TGIS_ViewerWeb is a descendant of TGIS_Viewer.
  • No more interface - code is now regular .NET code, so instead of:
      Dim prm as API.IXGIS_ParamsList
    use now:
      Dim prm as TGIS_ParamsList
  • Instead of importing namespce:
      <%@ Register TagPrefix="ttkGIS" Namespace="TatukGIS.IS" Assembly="TatukGIS.IS" %>
    use now:
      <%@ Register TagPrefix="ttkGIS" Namespace="TatukGIS.Web" Assembly="TatukGIS.Web" %>
      <%@ Import Namespace="TatukGIS.NDK" %>


  • Version installed and activated automatically on developer machine will run for development purposes only on localhost, or ::1 addresses. 
  • Trial version use is restricted to the localhost.
  • Customers of the DK.ASPNET can deploy to any number of servers. However, the file TatukGIS_DK10_ASPNET.license must be placed in a /bin folder of the deployed application. File can be created by selecting Activate Deployment from TatukGIS DK.ASPNET installed group. If your application can be access by more then one name, then provide all names separated by comma like: myserver.acme.com,testserver.acme.com,
  • We state that an application developed using a DK.ASPNET license can be deployed free-of-charge to any number of servers. Please note, however, that the license agreement also specifies that the DK.ASPNET cannot be used to create a general purpose server. So if you want to create, for example, a WMS which will host any kind of data and distribute it to any kind of customers, such use is disallowed. As long as you are developing application to fulfill specific customer need (like, for example, a cadaster server for local authority), then you are OK. This restriction also applies to all other Developer Kernel editions downloaded after 29th of January 2014 (with License v4.0.0).


  • Remember to deploy TatukGIS_DK10_ASPNET.license to a /bin folder. File should match the particular server.
  • Files to be deployed are available by selecting Library from TatukGIS DK.ASPNET group and are grouped as:
    • ASPNET40\bin
      Contains required library. Copy to /bin folder.
    • ASPNET40\bin.extra
      Contains optional libraries. Copy to a /bin folder.
  • If you have any other non .NET driver to be deployed (like Oracle OCI) then deploy 32- and 64- bit versions to \bin\x86 and \bin\x64, respectively.


Posted: January 30, 2014
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