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DK11 Vector-to-Grid Interpolation & Heatmap Algorithms

While historically stronger on the vector mapping side, TatukGIS sometimes receives new feature requests relating to pixel operations, such as vector-to-grid interpolation. In the past TatukGIS was not able to respond to these requests as quickly as we would have liked because efficient implementation required a general redesign of the Developer Kernel's support for pixel operations. This redesign was scheduled for the DK version 11.

TatukGIS is pleased to report extensively redesigned and enhanced DK11 support for pixel operations, with new vector-to-grid interpolation functionality featuring carefully developed algorithms for Kriging, IDW, and Splines, and algorithm for heatmap generation. The vector-to-grid algorithms all work also with unevenly distributed points.

These new features are presently available to DK.VCL customers in the latest DK11 for Delphi gamma pre-release version and will be available to customers of other DK product editions in the coming weeks. We hope DK developers find these features highly useful.

In addition to interpolation and heat maps, the redesigned support for pixel operations paves the way for future pixel related feature upgrades.









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Posted: July 05, 2016
Filed under: DK