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Blaise Pascal Magazine Article Featuring DK.VCL

An interesting article demonstrating use of the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (VCL edition) with Delphi 10 Seattle to develop a simple GIS application was recently published in the Nr. 2, 2016 issue (pages 32-39) of Blaise Pascal Magazine (www.blaisepascal.eu).

The article was contributed by Danny van Hooren, Director and Sr. GIS Consultant with GIS solution provider, SmallToGo B.V., in The Netherlands. Mr. van Hooren, with two decades of GIS industry experience and many years using the TatukGIS Developer Kernel and Editor products for custom GIS solutions, wrote this article to demonstrate the ease and power of the native Delphi TatukGIS SDK paired with the Embarcadero RAD Studio development platform.

A second article written by Mr. van Hooren, this one evaluating the position of the Developer Kernel product relative to other GIS development platforms, was recently published (in Dutch language) in Cmedia GIS Magazine and is available on-line.

Posted: June 01, 2016