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Beta version of Developer Kernel v.10

The Developer Kernel .NET 10 beta version was just made available. The DK-VCL v.10 and DK-ActiveX v.10 betas will follow soon. DK licensed developers with an active maintenance plan are eligible to download, evaluate, and use the corresponding DK beta version.

A few facts:
  • The Beta1 is focused on the new 3D functionality. A few additional new features will be added in the Beta2.
  • The NDK v.10 reflects fully rewritten code. This version should be highly compatible with already existing code. Please report any problems.
  • Read carefully the readme file upon performing the setup process.
  • The beta can be safely installed, side-by-side, with the already existing DK v.9.
  • Do not deploy to your customers an application created with the DK beta version because the beta version has an expiration date setup.
  • Send all comments about the DK v.10 beta to the support@tatukgis.com email address. Help us accurately classify your e-mail by beginning the Subject field with "DK10".
Posted: May 22, 2011