Internet Server 9 Hints

The Internet Server 9 (XIS9) has been released. While there are no earth-shattering new features - this version contains significant improvements to bring the Internet Server up-to-date with the latest features of the Developer Kernel. But we have fixed and added a few things of special mention:
  • For creating a new service, the Developer Edition should be used.
  • A purchased version contains:
    • Developer Edition for development; to be installed on a desktop machine
    • Deployment - just a set of libraries to be copied to the production server. So deployment is easier than ever before.
  • Multi-threading behavior has been improved. In some cases speed in a multi-user environment is radically faster.
  • A new sample Set#6/Wms shows how to create WMS servers.
  • All samples are Chrome friendly.
Also please remember that for top speed you should:
  • Guarantee that the .rtree file is already generated. Generating .rtree is a slow process and should not be done on the server side.
  • The same goes for generating network files for routing (new network engine with persistent  storage is coming in builds newer than .6512)
  • If you plan to edit geometry or attributes on the server side, use an SQL based format. File based formats, like SHP, etc., are not suitable for server side map editing.
  • Avoid opening on the server side any text formats such as TIGER, MIF, or DXF. Such formats must be fully loaded into memory and, therefore, consume a lot of memory and require more time to open. We advise testing your project using desktop tools like the TatukGIS Editor/Viewer to verify if files are opening fast enough.
Posted: November 17, 2010 | with 2 comments
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Tomasz KosiƄski
IS9 offers everything that DK9 in Enterpise version offers. So yes, you can open Geodatabase based on MSJET (Access) database - but not the File Goedatabase (wich uses a very private ESRI format)
11/18/2010 6:52:21 PM
Congratulations on the new development.

Does IS9 directly support use of Geodatabase structure? plans in this regard? I see more and more public use data repositories are gdb only and not shapefile. Some of these are large and detailed making it very time consuming to convert gdb to shapefile; plus the gdb availability of Access editing of the related mdb files rather than dbf.
11/18/2010 6:42:09 PM
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