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3D Models

Using 3D models in the world of GIS is not an easy task, especially considering the variety of 3D creators and formats. To offer this functionality, TatukGIS has prioritized support for the Assimp open-source library for importing various well-known 3D model formats in a uniform manner. This enables a user to open a 3D model as a layer and display it using the 3D Viewer mode.

The DK TGIS_LayerAssimp class is responsible for handling 3D models. The same functionality is built into the desktop TatukGIS Editor.

A particular challenge is 3D models are often embedded with abstract coordinates and a flipped axis. To make such models display in a real-world space (i.e., in a GIS), a user can create a special .box file to contain the necessary transformation parameters such as offset, scale, or axis order.

Presented below are some example models displayed in TatukGIS 3D Viewer mode:

A duck in the FBX format. 

A car in the OBJ format.

A house in the IFC BIM format. ‚Äč

An office in the IFCZIP BIM format. 


Posted: September 29, 2020
Filed under: 3D, DK, EDT