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Enhanced LandXML Support

LandXML is a specialized XML data file format for civil engineering design and survey measurement data commonly used by the Land Development and Transportation industries. A non-proprietary format, LandXML is useful for sharing land engineering and survey data between different software programs.

Initial support for LandXML data was limited to the main features and read-only mode. Recently, TatukGIS upgraded the TGIS_LayerLandXML class responsible for handling LandXML data with support for substantially more features, including writing support.

Using the standard ImportLayer method, a user can export LandXML shapes as CgPoints, Contours, PlanFeatures, Alignments, Parcels, or Surfaces.

The enhanced LandXML file support is available in the TatukGIS Developer Kernel and desktop GIS Editor products. Read more about TGIS_LayerLandXML class in the DK documentation wiki.

2D view with all sublayers.


3D view with a surface and contours.

Posted: September 24, 2020
Filed under: 3D, DK, EDT