1. Purchases from TatukGIS are performed on-line via the Buy page of the TatukGIS web site. Prices are transparently presented in US Dollars. Purchases can also be performed in EUR or PLN (Polish zloty) currency.
  2. For European Union (EU) residents only: Prices are presented net of VAT (value added tax), so without VAT. EU organizations with a valid EU VAT number may avoid paying Poland VAT (and instead account for VAT in their home country) by providing their EU VAT number during the on-line purchase procedure. For purchases by EU residents without an EU VAT number (such as private individuals), the Poland VAT (23%) is added to the purchase amount and reflected on the invoice. (The VAT is not applicable to residents of countries outside of the EU.)
  3. Product delivery is by internet download. There are no shipping charges.
  4. TatukGIS will honor purchase cancelation/refund requests submitted within 14 days of the purchase date, provided that i) the retail product has not yet been downloaded, ii) no technical support has been requested and provided, and iii) the product (retail or trial version) has not been used for any purpose other than evaluation. Purchase cancelation/refund is not possible after the retail product is downloaded. As stipulated in the license agreement, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to use the trial version to evaluate the product to ensure, before purchase, the product fulfills the purchaser requirements.
  5. Customer invoices are provided on-line, for download or printing. A pro-forma invoice is available upon completion of the purchase order procedure. The commercial invoice is issued and presented after the purchase payment is received and the transaction fulfilled. If required and upon request, a physical invoice will be provided via the post mail.
  6. Purchase payments can be performed by credit card or bank wire transfer. Two credit card payment methods are supported: on-line method (recommended) and off-line/form method.
  7. Purchase orders are processed using a manual approval process. Orders performed on business days with payment by credit card are typically processed (accepted, denied or additional information/clarification requested) within 24 hours, often much faster. Orders performed using the bank wire transfer payment method are typically processed on the day the payment is received.
  8. TatukGIS is not responsible for any fees charged to the buyer's credit card by the credit card issuing bank, such as a foreign transaction fee.
  9. With bank wire transfer payments, the purchaser (payer) is responsible for any fees charged by the paying bank and/or correspondent (intermediary) bank. The purchaser must increase the payment as necessary to cover any bank fees deducted from the payment to ensure the amount received to the TatukGIS bank account equals the invoice amount. (On a SWIFT bank payment form, this is achieved by selecting the “OUR” option under “Detail of charges”.)
  10. A purchase performed using the on-line credit card payment method is processed in two phases:
    1. Authentication phase: Customer submits the credit card information via a secure on-line connection directly to the credit card processor (so the credit card data are not shared with and never stored by TatukGIS). The transaction amount is blocked on the credit card account.
    2. Approval phase: TatukGIS accepts or denies the purchase. If the purchase order is accepted, the transaction amount is charged to the credit card. If the purchase order is denied, the credit card is not charged and the blocked amount is cleared.
  11. A purchase performed using the off-line/form credit card payment method (which involves sending TatukGIS the credit card details on a signed authorization form) is processed in a single phase. If TatukGIS accepts the purchase order, the purchase payment is charged to the credit card.
  12. TatukGIS reserves the right to not accept any purchase order, such as if a purchaser does not provide sufficient or accurate registration information, does not respond to a request for additional information, or is located in a country subject to export restrictions. TatukGIS reserves the right to ask a purchaser/customer to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.
  13. Purchases are fulfilled after receipt of the purchase payment, via activation of the declared licensed user's registration account with download/activation access to the latest version (and future versions) of the purchased product, access to technical support, etc.
  14. The purchaser (and declared licensed user, if different from the purchaser) is notified by e-mail when the purchase order is processed and fulfilled. Safe-list @tatukgis.com e-mail addresses with anti-spam filters.
  15. Technical user support is provided via e-mail using only the e-mail address of the user account in the TatukGIS system to which the license is registered. Do not register with one e-mail address and correspond using a different e-mail address.
  16. The customer is responsible for keeping a backup installation copy of a purchased product. TatukGIS provides download access only to the latest product version and only to licensed users with active maintenance. (A new license purchase includes one year of license maintenance, which is renewable.)
  17. With purchases using the on-line credit card payment method, the credit card details are provided directly to the web site of the credit card processor using industry-standard security protocols, so TatukGIS never receives or stores the credit card information. With credit card purchases using the off-line/form payment method, TatukGIS stores the submitted credit card payment authorization form for 5 years.
  18. TatukGIS will respond to any credit card purchase related complaint processed via the credit card payments system within 7 working days, unless the complaint is subject to different procedures of a particular credit card organization. (It is recommended to first attempt to resolve any credit card related complaint with TatukGIS directly.)
  19. TatukGIS may process credit card transactions using services provided by eCard S.A (www.ecard.pl) or First Data Polska S.A. (www.firstdata.pl).
  20. When placing a purchase order via the TatukGIS online shop, the purchaser accepts that some personal data can be collected for purposes of transaction fulfillment, in compliance with Polish Law ( Dz.U. nr 133 poz 883).
  21. Consistent with the TatukGIS privacy policy, registration e-mail addresses are used for normal customer initiated correspondence, to remind customers of upcoming license maintenance renewal dates, and for mailings of the low volume TatukGIS Newsletter (approximately 6 times per year). TatukGIS does not spam and registration e-mail addresses are not shared with third parties. Each Newsletter provides an option at the bottom to be removed from the Newsletter mailing list.