Developer Kernel Customers

Selected companies and organizations that have licensed the TatukGIS Developer Kernel. Industry categorization is on a best efforts basis.


Aerial Survey, Photography, and Data Collection, Drones

Agriculture Management and Planning


Aviation, Avionics, Flight Simulation, Flight Traffic Management

Cadastral Mapping, Land Management, Property Taxation...

Cemetery Information Management

Civil & Topographical Engineering, Construction, Project Design & Approval

Ecology, Forest Conservation, Biodiversity, Hydrology, Fisheries Management

Environmental Engineering & Approval Planning, Hydrologic Engineering, Air Pollution Modeling, Noise Modeling

Forestry Management, Planning, & Simulation

Geomarketing Analysis, Demographic Analysis, School District Planning

Government Scientific Research and Development

Health Care, Medical Research & Services

Infrastructure Asset Management, Transportation & Traffic Technologies, Automated Guidance Vehicles, Crash Data Management

Logistics, Supply Chain Mgmt., Fleet Mgmt., Public Transportation, Route Optimization

Marine and Offshore Infrastructure, Engineering, Survey, Sonar

Meteorology, Weather Information and Research, Storm Tracking

Military, National Defense, Homeland Security

Miscellaneous Applications, Consulting Services

Mobile Workforce Management, Computer Aided Dispatch, Scheduling, Geocoding

Municipality Management, Urban Planning, Property Ownership Registration ...

Oil & Gas, Mining, Pipelines, GeoSciences

Police, Contingency Planning, Emergency Response, Civil Defense, Security

Real Estate (Buildings or Land) Management, Analysis, Optimization

Telecommunications Asset Management, Radio Frequency Coverage & Optimization

Universities & Academic Institutions

Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water, Sewer, Lighting) Infrastructure Asset Management, Network Optimization, Pipe Inspection