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Battlespace Simulations, Inc.

April 24, 2007

I recently undertook the quest for a .NET GIS component, and ultimately chose the TatukGIS .NET DK for several reasons. First, the DK.NET component is an amazing value at $1,500 for a developer's license. I would never purchase a product under a runtime license, and was expecting to pay much more for a developer's license. Second, the support for the CADRG & CIB data formats makes the DK very attractive for the development of GIS-aware simulations for the Department of Defense. This is because the map, chart and imagery data distributed by NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, formerly NIMA) is in the RPF format (which encompasses CADRG and CIB). Because CADRG is a very complex format, building support for it on my own would easily have cost me tens of thousands in labor. Finally, one of the most important reasons that I decided to go with the TatukGIS DK.NET is the exceptional responsiveness to customer e-mails and support requests, both during the evaluation period and after I became a customer. So while a part of me would prefer that my competitors don't learn about TatukGIS, I think the Company has a bright future. If TatukGIS was publicly traded, I'd be buying stock!

Gary DeYoung
President & CEO
Battlespace Simulations, Inc.
San Antonio, Texas, USA

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