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Canadian Department of Defense - Land Forces

February 25, 2003

We selected the DK for a GIS software application being developed under direct contract with the Land Forces (Army) element of the Canadian Forces (CF). We had previously developed a prototype application for placing safety templates on digital maps using ArcView 3.2a, but found the cost of user licenses to be impractical considering the demand for deployment across the army. The Land Forces considered using the MapObjects (ActiveX) component with Delphi, but found MapObjects to lack certain functionality and involve license restrictions that could hinder distribution. The final decision to opt for the TatukGIS DK was based on favorable results from an initial DK-based prototype and on the prompt and helpful insight into difficult features provided by the TatukGIS support center. Because there are no DK license restrictions in desktop deployment situations, the cost of distribution across the army will be negligible.

Private Contractor
Canadian Department of Defense - Land Forces
Ottawa, Canada