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Capstone Development

December 11, 2006

I do real estate acquisitions in major university markets across the country. For years I have used interactive city and county websites to determine land ownership and infrastructure to locate sites for the development of student housing projects. Unfortunately, these web sites are usually slow, frequently unresponsive, and sometimes completely unavailable. So I started acquiring the data from the local governments for viewing and analyzing myself using various desktop GIS programs. I was just about to the point of giving up on finding a GIS program that an average non programmer could use. I had tried several of the "big name" programs that sell for thousands of dollars and, each time, had to give up my efforts to learn the program after many hours. These programs were just too "unintuitive". Each time I acquired aerial photos, the files were in a format that the program I was trying to use wouldn't read.

After I downloaded the trial TatukGIS Editor, I was able to make substantial progress within a couple of hours. The TatukGIS Editor opened every file that I had downloaded without problems. It is very intuitive and easy for a nonprogrammer to use. I was so pleased with the trial version that I purchased the commercial product version within a couple of days - well before the trial period was over. I have continued to have success manipulating GIS files with the TatukGIS Editor and each new version that TatukGIS releases has more enhancements that continue to make my task easier. Thank you TatukGIS. Please keep it up.

Jack Hendrix
Capstone Development
Director Site Acquisitions
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
E-mail: jhendrix@capstone-dev.com