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May 31, 2002

We have been using the DK during the last year in several applications, which include a delivery system for supermarkets, a pick-up and delivery routing system for transport companies in general, a call mapping system for companies with 0800/0810 telephone lines that allows them to geographically analyze the client locations and layouts, and we are also working on a map developing and handling software, among other projects. In all of these applications the utilization of maps and the tools for geographic data manipulation are of great importance for us and we have found in the DK to be a very complete component.

I should note that the DK has really improved since we first purchased the 5.0 version of the Component back in May, 2001. We appreciate the product upgrades, which have been provided to us at no additional cost during first 12 months following our purchase. The DK works really well in our applications and has been of great value for us. The Component is fast, with very good printing support, and the files are lighter than files from other components we have used. The DK also supports very helpful functions for the geographic analysis of data (isInside functions, ShortestPath Object, etc). And finally I must stress that one of the most important issues for us has been the consistent and fast support provided by TatukGIS whenever we needed it.

Emilio Schmidt
Digital Map
Buenos Aries, Argentina
E-mail: info@digitalmap.com.ar

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