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HydroQual, Inc.

September 22, 2004

We have adopted TatukGIS as the platform for all our application development work at HydroQual and ComCarto. The stability and speed of the executables is always up to the heavy demands we place on it. The ease of distributing applications with as single *.exe file (as opposed to requiring a lengthy and error-prone installation process) is a big plus with our customers and business partners. The combination of TatukGIS with IntraWeb makes a fabulous platform for developing Web-GIS applications because it doesn't require any additional software or programming expertise. Being able to link the applications, on or off the Web, to any database via ADO technology has tremendously increased our productivity. We are now able to develop applications that integrate maps, database queries, and statistical plots of any type in remarkably short time-frames.

August 20, 2002

HydroQual develops proprietary models for extremely intensive simulation of rivers, lakes, and estuaries. We are continually searching for new and more efficient ways to provide a graphic interface for users to manipulate and diagnose model input and results, which are generated by FORTRAN executables. In the past, we have linked ArcInfo and ArcView to some elements of the modeling process, but the cost and complexity of those applications limited the portability of the tools. The TatukGIS DK provides a clean, lightweight, affordable, and very FAST toolbox from which we can build our closely tailored interfaces.

Gary Ostroff, P.E.
Sr. Project Manager
HydroQual, Inc.
Mahwah, New Jersey, USA

CommunityCartography (A Hydroqual affiliate company)
The Spatial Data Warehouse for the New York City Area

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