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Industrial Technology Services, Inc.

April 04, 2003

INTEC Services, a control systems integration service provider, has used the TatukGIS DK-ActiveX toolkit since late 2002 to provide navigation assistance for a precision digging application. The TatukGIS functions are used to calculate the actual distance and direction at any time of the digging machinery from a dig-line. The dig-line is defined by coordinates entered by the user and the machine position is provided with real-time coordinates generated by a GPS unit mounted on the digger. The distance from the dig-line is displayed in an operator interface, allowing the machinery operator to keep the digging machinery oriented with the dig-line.

We selected the TatukGIS ActiveX DK over other available GIS software products due to the timely responses by TatukGIS immediately following the initial contact. The DK sample version was made available on request and our questions were answered quickly and clearly, as opposed to the somewhat vague responses we received from other GIS vendors. Another reason we chose TatukGIS was that the sample code was available in Visual Basic .NET format, while a competing vendor could only offer samples in Visual Basic version 6. We had jumped from VB 5 to VB .NET expecting that software vendors would be utilizing cutting edge technology like we were, and TatukGIS was ready."

Dave Hoskins
Vice President
Industrial Technology Services, Inc.
Bradenton, Florida, USA