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MTS Engineering

May 12, 2003

Our company has developed a real-time electricity outage management application, which is very important to electrical power companies to reduce the fault time. We decided to add GIS features to our application in order to facilitate the user interface and otherwise improve the application. The greatest consideration in the selection of the TatukGIS DK-VCL over other available GIS software products was the timely responses provided by the TatukGIS technical support. Our questions were always answered quickly.

For us, the mains advantages of the TatukGIS DK are:

  • No extra DLL's to install in the final application.
  • Delphi language compatibility, which reduces the development time and avoids irritations of using ActiveX.
  • Supports a large number of GIS formats.
  • The "real" technical support offered by TatukGIS. No automatic replays like others companies do.

Finally, we highly recommend TatukGIS due to the ease of use and technical support. Before you buy another GIS toolkit, try TatukGIS. It will amaze you. And remember that a product without support is nothing.

Emerson Trarbach
Application Engineer
MTS Engineering
Vitória - Espírito Santo, Brazil

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