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Michigan Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA)

February 10, 2015

We originally drew all of our map points and symbols ourselves in a canvas layer and had various procedures to handle map drawing. After switching to the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK) VCL object, the time we saved in not keeping up with all the map functionality design has proven invaluable. The DK component really let's you design your map the way you want. It has been enhanced over the years and continues to provide new functionality. We would not have some of the functionality if we were still doing all the map coding ourselves.

If you need to work with a map for your clients or projects, the TatukGIS DK is the way to go. We spent much time researching ArcGIS and other products. The DK gave us the most bang for our buck, especially for designing within the Delphi environment. We now look forward to using the upcoming DK for FireMonkey edition to develop a mobile app for our clients in the near future.

Over 100 school districts throughout Michigan and Ohio have implemented our Polyplot© Mapping System for their school district administrative planning.

Larry Wall
Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency
33500 Van Born Road
P.O. Box 807
Wayne, Michigan 48184-2497, USA

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