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J3llyh34d 1ndu5tr135 Ltd

June 15, 2011

Our development using the TatukGIS Developer Kernel depends on a huge TatukGIS PixelStore image layer store, comprised of multiple layers created from 25 GB of Ordnance Survey TIFF images of England, Scotland and Wales. We are very impressed both with the PixelStore performance and that the resulting PixelStore-JPG database (in SQLite) is only 41 GB. Believe me, the modest increase in size is a small price to pay for the PixelStore performance, which is absolutely fantastic. We also evaluated the MrSid image compression format for this project and determined that PixelStore was better when used with TatukGIS Developer Kernel. And, besides just the PixelStore, the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (we use the .NET edition) generally compares very nicely to the other GIS SDK products which we carefully evaluated before purchasing the DK.

J3llyh34d 1ndu5tr135 Limited
United Kingdom