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Osprey Computing

August 07, 2003

We selected the TatukGIS DK for the creation of our retail street/road map GPS tracking and navigation product because of its capabilities in handling shortest path analysis and the TatukGIS PixelStore image system. We needed to present raster map images of up to half a gigabyte, so this was critical to our project. An added bonus to all the brilliant features and functionality which comes with the DK, was the prompt and willing support we got from TatukGIS staff. Effectively we had another friendly, supportive, and expert team on deck with the project, which is exactly what we needed. I would strongly commend TatukGIS to any developers working on GIS based applications.

Having all of the key vector calculations and algorithms based on the TatukGIS DK gives us the speed we needed for GPS tracking and shortest pathing. The DK is centred on doing work in-memory in a way which gives it great speed. We use a number of different GIS packages and interface with most of the majors in this field. Over the years we have been Developer Partners with MapInfo, and used the Blue Marble OCX. The DK gives us a huge lead in portability of data and functionality which is not possible with any other package around in the market place today.

Hugh Carrol
Osprey Computing
Ballarat, West Victoria

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