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Sentient Corporation (formerly eBizJets)

November 27, 2001

From what I have seen so far I am truly impressed with your toolkit. The rendering performance is so good, it has proven itself order of magnitudes better than MapX and MapObjects in our applications. Additionally, the API is so rich that there really seems to be nothing that is impossible to do!

During our search for an enterprise caliber mapping toolkit we went through many of the "industry leading" toolkits such as MapX, MapObjects and GeoObjects. Each one of them seemed like they might be sufficient for our purposes at first, but as we dove in to the details we found multiple serious shortcomings in each one. We needed a toolkit that can handle thousands of features per layer with tens, potentially hundreds of layers. Furthermore, we needed a toolkit that can handle real-time feature movements without flickering and without waiting for tens of seconds... TatukGis is truly fantastic in this area.

The fact that you get source code with Tatuk provides you unparalleled flexibility and capability in handling events such as mouse movements, annotations and many more. Furthermore, having source code is a fantastic investment and great for risk management.

During our evaluation period we were so impressed with Tatuk's support that after a week of prototyping we scrapped our MapInfo investment and decided to go with Tatuk. One would think that they might lack support because they are a small company. On the contrary, the quality of their support, their turn around time (often within hours) and the extent to which they are willing to send source code samples is the best I have ever seen. I am also truly amazed at how each advanced feature request turns out to be in the next minor version. All of this at the cost of a negligible amount of bugs, too.

From a cost benefit perspective you can not go wrong with Tatuk. If you are concerned with them being a small company, do not rule them out without trying them; you will be pleasantly surprised. We HIGHLY recommend them!

Tolga Erdogus
Vice President, Engineering
Sentient Corporation (formerly eBizJets)
Norwell, Massachusetts, USA