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Southeastern Map Resources (SeMaps)

October 19, 2001

So, far I think I have done well with DK. I am doing things with it that CartoVCL never dreamed of. I really like the DK OnPaint features. A special note on data handling, I have tied the shapefiles records into data tables made with DBISAM, an embedded database engine. What is really nice is to query the data table via the OnPaint and have only the result appear as symbols using the OnPaint feature. There is no install, as long as the PM_Data folder is in the same folder as the Point_Maker.exe, the app runs. If you run Point_Maker look at the label flash label feature is much like DK's label draw. I use a Raize Button that has TColor, which I make yellow. Would you believe it took me two days using Map Object to build a class for this? With Raize button and DK it took me 5 minutes! I plan to send you the code - all five lines. I look forward to continuing my learning process with DK.

Chris Conklin
Southeastern Map Resources (SeMaps)
Chantilly Virginia, USA

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