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Studio Tecnico

July 03, 2003

My business is technical in nature relating primarily to civil engineering matters, such as the construction of buildings, planning of roads, hydraulic infrastructures, etc. For 10 years we have been working here in Italy with GIS technology directed to urban management within the technical offices of the town halls.

For many years we tried to develop such a solution using VB-5 with Autocad14-2000, but the strategy forced the town halls to purchase AutoCAD licenses. The first OCX that we purchased was the Italian made product, DBcad, but this product did not satisfy us.

After various attempts of searching for other possibilities on the web, we came to know of TatukGIS. We made some tests with the DK-ActiveX software download from your site, and it immediately appeared to be very efficient. The next day we purchased a license.

The first city to appreciate the technology offered in the DK toolkit is Castellana Grotte. Castellana Grotte is a city in the Puglia region to the south of Bari that is famous for the extensive cave formations. The territory of Castellana Grotte encompasses approximately 30,000 hectors (72,000 acres). The solution that we created for Castellana Grotte from the DK relates to the management and integration of the functions and needs of the town technical (cadastral) office and the property tax office. I am sending you a Power Point presentation that better explains the solution implemented at Castellana Grotte.

Giovanni Latrofa
Studio Tecnico
Bari, Italy
E-mail: studiotecnicodiingegn9@tin.it

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