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University of Helsinki

June 05, 2003

The addition of the DK to our development arsenal made a great difference in solving many problems that would have been cumbersome to implement with our existing GIS applications, and that would have required custom written software. Pursuant to our work in the area of metapopulation biology, we were in need of a Delphi based GIS component that is compatible with our ArcView GIS data.

When we began our search for a Delphi based GIS component, there was no obvious winner at first glance. But, after putting the DK and other products through a thorough testing process, it became quite clear that DK is exactly what we needed. Another important consideration for us is the support provided by DK team. It is literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being able to get answers in real time, and not just from just a person responsible for the support, but directly from the core DK development team, works like magic.

Evgeniy Meyke
Metapopulation Research Group
Department of Ecology and Systematics
University of Helsinki
E-mail: evgeniy.meyke@helsinki.fi