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Ag Software Designs Launches FieldRx Web-based Agriculture Engine

November 05, 2010

TatukGIS customer Ag Software Designs, LLC of Jonesboro, Arkansas has launched FieldRx™, an independent web-based precision agriculture engine to be used by ag professionals for creating site-specific field prescriptions. FieldRx is available nationwide for any crop, with promotional prices until January 2011. The GIS/mapping related features of FieldRx were developed using the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK.NET edition).
Just in time to begin soil sampling in preparation for the 2011 growing season, FieldRx is bringing crop consultants and agricultural dealers a more user-friendly program for writing custom fertilizer prescriptions. Designed by ag professionals for ag professionals, FieldRx was created to eliminate the frustrations with existing precision ag software programs while providing concise grower reports and smaller controller files. A highlight of the FieldRx engine is the ease of uploading field borders and sample points. In addition, lab results can be imported directly into FieldRx from some labs without the user having to manually obtain and upload the data.
"Our goal in developing FieldRx was to put users first by saving them time and eliminating the potential for human error that can arise from manual data input," said Lance Ramthun of Ag Software Designs. “A lot of VRT programs currently on the market are extremely time-consuming to set up, and one wrong click while inputting data can be very costly for dealers.” FieldRx boasts a minimal learning curve for users, who only need access to the web to get started. Furthermore, users don’t need a high-level of computer proficiency to operate the program.
"We’re really excited about bringing FieldRx to market because of the solutions and time-savings it’s going to bring to crop consultants and dealers," said David Krueger of Ag Software Designs. "FieldRx will streamline the process for using VRT data and making custom recommendations to growers. In addition to soil test recommendations, the FieldRx engine has the power to support many other variables for prescription writing in future releases. Other capabilities include web services that are available for other vendor’s software tools to upload data directly to FieldRx.
An example PDF report generated from FieldRx can be viewed at this link.
Ag Software Designs, LLC was founded in 2009. With ag professionals in mind, Ag Software Designs seeks to develop leading edge software tools and products for the agricultural community. Ag Software Designs is headquartered in Jonesboro, Ark., with software development offices in Raleigh, N.C.
For more information about FieldRx, please visit www.fieldrx.com or call (888) 336-0029.