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Beta 1 of the Developer Kernel-Version 6.0

August 01, 2001

TatukGIS released Beta 1 of version 6.0 of the Developer Kernel (DK) to licensed users on July 30. Any licensed DK user can now download the DK 6.0 Beta 1 from the TatukGIS web site. Beta 1 introduced the following features to the DK:

  • - Support of Delphi 6.0
    - Improved screen caching
    - Improved geocoding
    - Layer transparency factor (see Transparency sample on the TatukGIS web site)
    - Support of TrueType and CGM based symbols (which can be used to illustrate a point, make a line, or fill a polygon; see the cemeteries in the Sopot City Map sample on the TatukGIS web site)
The plan for DK 6.0 is as follows:
  • DK 6.0 Beta 2 August 13:

    - Spatial RTree indexing
    - Improved routing
    - Support of TAB format
    - Improved Handling of MIF format

  • DK 6.0 Beta 3 August 20:

    - ActiveX control
    - Support of DXF format
    - Support of DGN format
    - Support of TIGER format
    - OGIS functionality
    - Improved support for Interbase, MSJET, MSSQL, ORACLE, MYSQL, POSTGRESS

  • DK 6.0 release (with public trial version and samples) September 3
    (The next DK posting will be when the DK is released and available for purchase.)
The following table details the vector formats supported by recent and pending DK versions.

 DK Version 5 

 DK Version 6 

 DK Version 6.1 
  Fall 2001 

read write read write read write
ESRI E00 x   x   x  
MapInfo MIF x   x x x x
ESRI SHP x x x x x x
MapInfo TAB     x x x x
TIGER 2000     x   x  
DXF (Autocad MAP)     x x x x
Microstation DGN     x x x x
OGIS SQL     x x x x
OGIS COM     x x x x
DWG (Autocad MAP)         x x
VTF         ? ?