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CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 Support

September 25, 2007

TatukGIS is pleased to announce CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 support in the latest update of its GIS Developer Kernel (DK-VCL edition). DK-VCL customers with an active support/upgrades plan are welcome to download this latest DK-VCL version, free of charge.

The latest DK-VCL update supports:

- C++ Builder 2007 for native C++ development
- Delphi 2007 for native Object Pascal development
- Delphi.NET 2007 for .NET 2.0 Object Pascal Development

All versions support both classical Windows VCL and VCL for WEB (via IntraWeb). All versions are built upon same source code and, therefore, share exactly the same functionality. For Delphi users this means that an existing application can be effortlessly ported (in most cases just recompiled) to .NET 2.0.

Due to interface incompatibilities with a few database related units, we recommend DK-VCL customers to install Delphi 2007 / C++ Builder 2007 update 3. The trial and retail versions of the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (VCL) are no longer compatible with pre-update 3 versions of Delphi 2007 / C++ Builder 2007

TatukGIS Comments about CodeGear RAD Studio:

Having had the occasion to play with the new RAD Studio for a while, we are really impressed with CodeGear progress on revitalizing Delphi.

RAD Studio 2007 (as well as Update 3) seems to be much faster and stable that any previous release.

Really a lot of work has been done on this. It seems that the help system is going to be better and more complete with every new release.

.NET 2.0
Of course, the most noticeable improvement of RAD Studio 2007 is the Delphi.NET compiler support for .NET 2.0. Migration of existing VCL.NET code to new the version is just a matter of recompiling the code.

The .NET compiler support is generic (it can consume and emit). This is a very important improvement even though TatukGIS has no near-term plans to adopt generics. Because TatukGIS tries to maintain compatibility across Win32/.NET code, we must wait until generics is also supported on the Win32 platform. Of course, developers utilizing the TatukGIS DK for VCL.Net can use generics in their own code without limitations.

This is a very interesting database (.NET counterpart to JDataStore) - embeddable and fully manageable SQL server. CodeGear offers royalty-free deployment (scope of the license depends on Professional, Enterprise, or Architect version of RAD Studio). It is possible to create and debug stored procedures using Delphi.NET while BlackFish is still used by Win32 applications. While TatukGIS is not ready to support BlackFish as a store of geometric (vector map) data at this moment, this is on our to-do list.

TatukGIS remains very enthusiastic about Delphi. From the same Delphi source code we develop the following TatukGIS products:


  • GIS Developer Kernel for ActiveX
  • GIS Developer Kernel for .NET (.NET 1.1)
  • GIS Developer Kernel for .NET (.NET 2.0)
  • GIS Developer Kernel for Compact Framework (CF 1.0)
  • GIS Developer Kernel for Compact Framework (CF 2.0)
  • GIS Internet Map Server (ASP.NET component)
  • GIS Viewer (desktop application)
  • GIS Editor (desktop application)
  • Aerial Imagery Corrector (desktop application)