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DK Client Commercially Releases CDMA/GPRS Fleet Management/Tracking System

June 12, 2003

This commercial fleet management system, which is created from the TatukGIS DK-VCL, was recently released by the Romanian company AM CONSULTING Serv SRL. The solution has already been deployed to some clients, mostly security and delivery companies, and AM CONSULTING is cooperating with wireless telephone providers that are using both CDMA and GSM/GPRS technology. This company has been a DK-VCL licensed user since November, 2002. (See Quote from this Client)


Route playback for a selected vehicle.

Messages received in the alarm window can be displayed one by one on the map.

Trails of tracked vehicles are displayed by color as a function of speed.


Bdul Dimitrie Cantemir 20
Tel/Fax: (021) 336 37 23
Site: www.amcs.ro www.skytrack.ro
email: amcs@amcs.ro


SKYTRACK CDMA/GPRS FLEET MANAGEMENT is one of the most advanced tracking and mobile resource management solutions available, encompassing GPS positioning technology and CDMA/GPRS for data transmission.



The Skytrack CDMA/GPRS solution offers real added value by linking your fleet on a real time basis to your back-office business application. The solution brings your fleet to your fingertips, allowing you to more efficiently take advantage of business opportunities, reduce the response time to customer requests, and improve the security of valuable transports.

    • Secured real time communication with mobile units;
    • Client/server architecture;
    • Immediate scalability with no costs;
    • Reduced operational costs;
    • Police, private security companies, banking security, fire brigades;
    • Transportation and distribution industry;
    • City transportation systems, vessel control, vehicle control;
    • Taxis, airport vehicles, fishing fleets;
    • Skytrack Terminal - is the tracking device that is installed on the vehicle. Every Skytrack Terminal is equipped with a GPS receiver which calculates the position (in geographic coordinates), speed, course, time and date.
      This information, together with other monitored data from the vehicle, are transmitted through a CDMA or GPRS modem to the Communication and Authentication Server

    • Skytrack Server includes the following:
      - Skytrack Communication Server;
      - Skytrack GIS Server;
      - Data Base Server;

    • Skytrack Client - is the software application for the end-user, offering real-time vehicle location or end-of-the-day analysis of stored data.
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