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DK Based WMS Server Solution Featuring Bing Maps & Satellite Imagery

June 26, 2014

The TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK) has been used to develop the server side of a custom client-web server solution that combines TatukGIS functionality with the Microsoft Bing Maps service. The server module is a WMS server that provides map images and alphanumerical geology layer(s) to client applications. Integration of the Bing Maps API enables visualization of any GIS data over satellite imagery or road maps while exposing all other features of Bing Maps, such as address geocoding, reverse geocoding, routing, etc.

The WMS server is developed using the TatukGIS DK.VCL edition with the Embarcadero Delphi development environment. The DK is preferable to other GIS technologies for this development because of its clean object structure, ability to work in read and write mode with multiple data formats using the same codebase, and the very competitive performance. A port of the server module to the new TatukGIS DK for ASP.NET edition in C# is in advanced development.

The free TatukGIS desktop Viewer is used to organize layers representing different geologic information as TatukGIS (*.ttkgp file) map projects for publishing from the server.

Diagram illustrates how the served map is built from a TatukGIS WMS layer and a Bing Maps layer.

The client side of this solution is composed of two free applications available from the Windows Store: Geologia Italia and Terremoti. Each application presents geology of Italy as semi-transparent layers over Bing Maps roads or satellite imagery. Geological Italia presents geology and geolitology of Italy and Terremonti maps seismic hazards and the latest earthquakes events taken from the GeoRSS of Italian Volcanology and Geology Institute (INGV). The main purpose of these free applications is to spread access to Italian geological data to students of natural sciences and geology. The client apps are developed using C# with platform specific development tools.

Geologia Italia, a Windows Store GIS application, displaying a geologic map of Italy. Vector
maps are presented as a semitransparent layer(s) over satellite imagery from Bing Maps.

Terremoti, a Windows Store GIS application, displaying a map of seismic hazards
of Italy. The purple points represent recent earthquakes.


These WMS server and client applications are developed by TatukGIS value added partner in Italy, ItacaSoft. The client applications are presently available for Windows 8.1. Versions of these apps for Windows Phone and iOS are under development.

Links to the applications referenced in this article:

Geologia Italia at Windows Store

Terremoti at Windows Store