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DK Client in Poland releases Urban Planning GIS application

June 30, 2003

This TatukGIS DK-VCL licensed user, Geotec (www.geotec.pl), located in Wroclaw, Poland, recently completed the development of a GIS application for urban planning that is now being marketed to municipalities in Poland. The product, PlanGT, is described below. Geotec has been a DK licensed user since March 2003.





PlanGT is a modern GIS urban planning application designed for the implementation of the spatial planning policies of municipalities and cities. This application supports the work of architects, technical specialists, and other municipal employees that devise and enforce a municipality's spatial plan.

PlanGT enables its users to quickly and efficiently prepare appropriate reports and other documentation (decisions, drawings) based on textual descriptions and the graphic representation of the municipal spatial plan, integrated into a single database.
PlanGT also provides specific tools enabling the preparation of local spatial plans
    Functionality of PlanGT:

  • Integration of graphic and descriptive data to provide the user quick and easy access to detailed information about any urban unit (parcel) selected on the map with the cursor.
  • Advanced analysis and reports module to: - Create information based on the plan specifications for a selected area that fulfills the criteria set by the user. - Prepare an area summary report. - Report the urban contour units in accordance with requested criteria.
  • Fully identifiable set of graphic objects to allow the creation of appropriate map legends.
  • Data import formats: *.shp, *.dgn, *.mif, *.dxf, evidential layers of Oskar, Interseg.
  • Data export formats: *.shp, *.mif
  • Advanced search module based on user defined criteria.
  • Complex print possibilities: - Print area selection. - Scale adjustment.
  • Integration of numerical objects in the graphic representation of the spatial plan with the text of urban planning decisions that is provided in another format (such as MS Word).
  • Recording and presentation of vector files - all graphic objects of the plan are settled in the appropriate vector layers.
Geotec also provide numerous services relating to the system:
  • Complex system implementation, including system installation, personnel training and monitoring of system functionality
  • Other services, according to the client needs and expectations
In case of any questions or need of technical assistance, please contact the team of specialists at Geotec (www.geotec.pl).



GeoTechnologies Sp. z o.o.
Rynek 48
50-116 Wroclaw, Poland

tel. (+48)(+71) 342 22 62, 342 22 27
fax. (+48)(+71) 342 22 90