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DK11 for Java - Early Access Program

October 30, 2017

TatukGIS announces the Developer Kernel 11 for Java EAP (Early Access Program), making available this new GIS SDK edition as a beta version for interested evaluators and a retail version that can be licensed by customers. The Developer Kernel for Java edition supports the Java Swing framework and is designed for NetBeans, Eclipse, and other Java development platforms.

While not a final release, the currently available Developer Kernel (DK) for Java EAP version is sufficiently complete and stable to use for development, plan migration paths, and even compile and release final products. The only important functionality not yet ported to Java are the many dialog boxes for the visual layer property control and built-in line style editor. The legend control is available.

As a native Java bytecode jar file, the DK for Java is fully executable on Java Virtual Machine and truly multi-platform. Compiled applications have been successfully tested on Windows, macOS, Linux (Ubuntu x64), and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi). The EAP version includes full API documentation, including API Overview, What's New, Sample Descriptions, and Migration Guide. The DK source code samples are ported to Java.

Like other TatukGIS SDK editions, the Java GIS SDK edition supports the full TatukGIS object API with all its possibilities. As a version 11, the DK for Java EAP supports recently introduced functionality, including:

  • Redesigned and extended support for pixel operations and grid analysis
  • Vector-to-grid interpolation algorithms for Kriging, IDW, Splines, and Heatmaps
  • Viewshed and Above-Ground-Level (AGL) visibility analysis
  • 700+ item SVG symbols library
  • Enhanced 3D support, including PLY and STL formats
  • Dedicated DK documentation web site

More detailed information about the DK11 for Java is available in the Developer Kernel on-line documentation.

For more about TatukGIS and its suite of professional grade GIS software development kits, visit www.tatukgis.com.