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French Company uses DK to Develop GIS Application for Tablet PCs

June 25, 2009

GIS development specialist Geo.RM has used the TatukGIS Developer Kernel (ActiveX edition) to develop the Carto Lander mobile GIS application for those needing to take their GIS with them into the field. Designed specifically for ultra-portable and Tablet PCs running Windows XP and Vista Standard operating systems, Carto Lander is easy to use, GPS enabled, and supports a number of popular data formats. Carto Lander is used by government organizations and private businesses in France, mainly in areas of environmental engineering, landscape studies, water and rivers quality control, agricultural controls, and urban street and roads maintenance. Geo.RM plans to soon offer Carto Lander in other countries.

A PDF document describing Carto Lander in greater detail is available from the following link:

read more... [pdf]

For more information about the company Geo.RM and its Carto Lander product, refer to www.georm.fr.