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Release of the TatukGIS Internet Server Developer Edition and Other Recent Developments

June 23, 2008

As of the TatukGIS Internet Server 8.13 version published in mid June, the TatukGIS Internet Server is packaged as two product editions:


  • The Internet Server Developer Edition to be used for development purposes. (This edition is available to both Internet Server and Developer Kernel licensed users.)
  • The normal Internet Server retail edition for the deployment of a finished application to a production server. (This edition is available only to IS licensed customers.)

This latest update of the Internet Server product is available to all customers of the Internet Server and Developer Kernel (DK) products with active support maintenance. This means that a DK licensed developer can now develop using the Internet Server product without the need to purchase an IS license until a finished application is developed and ready to deploy. The IS Developer Edition is full featured and without time limitations. The only restrictive feature is the appearance of the term 'DEVELOPMENT' on each map image as a reminder that the developer edition is to be used only for development and not for deployment.

Each of the two Internet Server editions is downloaded separately and requires activation using a unique product code that is e-mailed when the download is performed. Customers of the Internet Server product should take care to install/activate only the developer edition on any computer/server that is for development purposes and activate the normal IS retail edition only on the deployment server covered by that license.

The Internet Server product continues to be licensed per production server, so one license is required for each server to which an IS based solution is deployed (including back-up servers or each server in a networked server farm configuration).

Other recent developments relating to the TatukGIS Internet Server product:

- In March 2008 TatukGIS updated the Internet Server product with an enhanced client-side Flash control supporting on-line map editing features. (An earlier version of the client-side Flash control released in 2007 provided support for smooth on-line map dragging and zooming operations.) The map editing functionality is demonstrated in the on-line IS source code map sample titled "Simple Edit".

- In January 2008 TatukGIS updated the Internet Server product with direct support for spatial server database formats, e.g., ESRI ArcSDE, ESRI Personal Geodatabase, and Oracle Spatial/Locator.

Please contact sales@tatukgis.com with any questions.