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TatukGIS DK Client in India Creates GPS Fleet Tracking and Logistics Solution

December 15, 2003

ADCC Software Solutions (www.adccindia.com), located in Nagpur India, recently announced its Fleet Locator product, which provides for the real-time GPS tracking, messaging, routing, control, and management of commercial fleets, public transportation networks, and police vehicles. Fleet Locator was developed from the TatukGIS DK-ActiveX toolkit. ADCC Software Solutions is one of the first companies in India to license TatukGIS technology and has been a DK licensed user since September, 2003.


4th Floor, "Madhu Madhav" Towers
Laxmi - Bhuvan Sq., Dharampeth,
Nagpur-440 010. INDIA
Cell No. : + 91-98230-82032.
Ph.: 2553946
Fax : +91-712-2552811.
Visit us at : www.adccindia.com


What is Fleet Locator ?

ADCC?s Fleet Locator is an integrated system, which independently tracks each vehicle of a fleet on a real time basis. The vehicles are displayed on a digitized map with facility of voice / message communication. With Fleet Locator you can
  • Track vehicles on a digital map.
  • Send and receive messages from and to the fleet.
  • Generate MIS reports for location, speed, messages etc.
  • Zoom, Pan & take a Print of map.
  • Query the data using various options.
  • Store the data for future analysis


How it works?

ADCC's Fleet Locator is based on Global Positioning System (GPS) to get the Position, Speed & Heading. This information is then transferred via RF or GSM or any other communication media to control station. The position is depicted on a digital map using Geographical Information System (GIS).


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