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TatukGIS Developer Kernel 10 Upgrade

January 31, 2012

TatukGIS has released the latest major upgrade (version 10) of its royalty-free GIS Developer Kernel (DK) component for the following development platforms:
  • Embarcadero Delphi/C++Builder
  • Microsoft .NET Framework for WinForms/WPF
  • Microsoft ActiveX/OCX
Version 10 introduces new features:
  • Integrated 3D map display features, including presentation of DTM (digital terrain models), 3D vector rendering, automatic draping of image and 2D vector layers over DTM models, flood simulation, light & shadow control, camera/scene control…
  • Full 64 bit support for VCL, ActiveX and .NET.
  • Rewritten .NET code with support for .NET 4.0, MONO (DK.NET edition)
  • Advanced line styles
  • Opening Web Map Tile services (such as MapQuest/OpenStreetMap tiles) as a map layer
  • Contour line generation from a DTM
  • Support for Lidar data in XYZ format
  • Spatial support for IBM DB2 & Informix databases (DK Enterprise edition)
And enhancements:
  • Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 support (DK-VCL edition)
  • WPF controls wrappers for .NET (DK.NET edition)
  • Upgraded routing functionality and performance, including support for road centerline elevation data
  • Improved SVG support for symbols
  • Redesigned VPF support
  • Redesigned S57 support
  • Extended spatial database support: Oracle and Microsoft SQL (Enterprise edition)
  • Many minor improvements
The TatukGIS Developer Kernel is a comprehensive GIS SDK used by a wide range of organizations in over 50 countries to custom develop stand-alone, embedded, client-server, and web server applications. The Developer Kernel product is known for performance, reasonable pricing, compliance with open standards, and native support for most GIS industry data types.

DK-VCL 10, DK.NET 10, and DK-ActiveX 10 trial versions, with source code samples, are available for download from the TatukGIS web site.