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TatukGIS Editor 3.0 Release

March 21, 2011

TatukGIS announces version 3.0 of its GIS Editor product featuring seamless 3D viewing integration. 3D capabilities include presentation of DTM (digital terrain models), 3D vector rendering, automatic draping of image and 2D vector layers over DTM models, flood simulation, fly-over, lights control, powerful camera/observer control …

Any existing map project can be presented in 3D without any changes. If a DTM exists in an opened project, the map data is automatically draped over the model. Familiar styling capabilities are available in 3D mode as well. Fine-tuning of 3D shape properties enables extruding existing 3D vector data into powerful 3D presentations.

All the 3D functionality is fully scriptable so controlling the camera angle, lights, flood simulation, etc. can be fully controlled by user created scripts, providing for powerful presentations.

As is to be expected from a TatukGIS product, the 3D map rendering is extremely fast even with very large data sets and very large individual shapes.

The Editor 3.0 also introduces a modified user interface with collapsible panels to maximize application working space.