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TatukGIS Internet Server Used for Polish National Integrated Cadastral System

April 20, 2004

A consortium composed of the Polish subsidiary of the USA information technology company Hewlett-Packard and the Gdynia, Poland based GIS solutions provider Fin Skog Geomatics International (www.finskog.com.pl) has fulfilled the first component of the new centralized Integrated Electronic Cadastral IT System for Poland. This project, officially documented under the procurement notice Integrating Electronic Platform (IPE) and IT System for Real Estate Mass Appraisal (PTN) - EuropeAid/113701/D/SV/PL, was financed by the PHARE 2000 program for establishing an Integrated Cadastral System (ICS) in new EU membership countries. This first component of the project, the software portion of which is valued at 1.25 million EUR, was delivered and accepted by the project beneficiary, the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in Warsaw, on December 29, 2003. The system has been in use since the first of the year by six regional government administration districts (Powiats) Bytom, Olsztyn, Plocka, Poznan, Warsaw-Praga, and Wejherowie - as well as at the IT data center located in Warsaw. The system will later be rolled out to all 380 Powiats in Poland.

The new Integrated Cadastral System (ICS) will consolidate aspects of three different real estate related registers presently in use in Poland: the land and mortgage register, the land and building register, and the properly tax register. When fully implemented, the new system will furthermore provide for the export of data from the land and building register to other users and for the retrieval of data from the national register of natural persons (PESEL) and national register of entities of national economy (REGON). Besides the support the ICS provides for the land administration and district courts, the new system is a key element of efforts to modernize the methodology of the local tax registry and implement a system of real estate mass appraisal. The ultimate objectives are to support and promote the safe trade of real estate and mortgage financing and provide the foundation for an effective value based (ad valorem) property tax system in Poland. Both objectives relate to the National Program of Preparation for EU Membership.

TatukGIS provided the graphical map server functionality for the ICS project, with a customized version of the TatukGIS Internet Server tailored to the contractors' specifications. The map server is hosted in the central ICS IT center in Warsaw and provides users in the regional Powiat offices with password projected access to graphical map images over the internet using a common Windows based web browser. The map server allows, for example, a local user enter a real estate parcel identification number and view a map image of the subject parcel and surrounding area. In the case of a change in ownership of a land parcel, or a division of a parcel, the local surveyor can submit necessary map updates to the central server which are processed each night. In the event that the local user requires a physical map, as opposed to only viewing the map over the network, the map server offers a PDF image file export function which allows the local user to order the central server to generate and send a printable, map quality PDF image of the specified terrain and data.

Map image web published by the TatukGIS IS. Viewed with a standard web browser.
Query by parcel identification number.
Highlighted layer containing building structures.

The contractors for this project originally planned to implement the map server functionality using ESRI IMS software, but ultimately determined that TatukGIS offered a better solution. The project specifications for the map server require that it handle up to 1,000 simultaneous users, with a map image return time not exceeding 20 seconds

In terms of total territory covered (all of Poland) and the number of real estate parcels to be accommodated (over 30 million parcels), upon its full implementation this will be the largest integrated cadastral management solution ever implemented in Europe. The server infrastructure that has been implemented pursuant to this first segment of the project is of sufficient capacity to support the expansion of the Integrated Cadastral System to all of Poland 380 regional Powiat offices and over 30 million RE parcels.

Color presentation of terrain by parcel use classification.
Real estate parcel identification map
Print to PDF file functionality. PDF file ordered by remote user, generated by the central server.

In total, the following technology products were used to fulfill the Integrated Cadastral System contract:
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • TatukGIS Internet Server
  • Oracle Spatial
  • Java 1.4
  • Java Enterprise (J2EE)
  • BEA Weblogic

Presentation of data associated with a selected RE parcel.