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TatukGIS Offers a Component for the DK GIS Toolkit Supporting IntraWeb

September 18, 2003

TatukGIS is pleased to announce a new component for the TatukGIS Developer Kernel toolkit to provide support for IntraWeb, the popular web application development environment from Atozed Software. By supporting IntraWeb, TatukGIS offers Delphi and C++Builder developers an easy but very powerful method of porting their DK-VCL applications to a web server environment, with the following advantages:

  • No need to change technologies from Borland development tools
  • Only a minimum of changes needed to the core DK-VCL source code of any existing application
  • True WYSWIG development
  • Very fast development path
  • Reliable, fast, and easy to deploy.
  • Ability to provide the end product as a single executable, offering security and simplifying off-the-shelf deployment
  • An intranet user feel that is similar to a PC application
  • Beta testers report that it offers the most powerful Web-GIS development possibility they have ever seen
The IntraWeb product was the winner of the Best Web Development Tool category of Delphi Informant Magazine's Readers Choice Awards in both 2002 and 2003, tallying 62% of total votes cast in 2003. An IntraWeb license is bundled with Delphi 7. DK-VCL developers using C++Builder can obtain an IntraWeb license separately from Atozed Software.