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TatukGIS Releases Desktop GIS Editor

February 15, 2005

TatukGIS is pleased to announce the release of GIS Editor, the big brother product of the very popular free TatukGIS Viewer. The Editor supports all the formats, features, and functionality of the free Viewer, plus features to digitize/edit vector geometry and attributes, convert between vector file types, import/export attribute data, merge vector layers, build and correct topology, unions and splitting, clipping, buffers, etc

The Editor saves vector layers to the following formats: SHP, GML, MIF, DXF, DLG, and to SQL geodatabase files based on a choice of three methods: i) the TatukGIS method, ii) with OpenGIS SQL Features implementation, or iii) the Geomedia� MS SQL Server Warehouse format.

Like the free Viewer, the Editor can be used to create ASP.NET projects for easy web publishing with the TatukGIS Internet Server. Also like the free Viewer, the Editor is an intuitive product that can be used without a great deal of learning or training. The Editor is packaged with a full set of help files and tutorials demonstrating how to use all the important features. The help files and tutorials are available under the product�s Help menu. Multiple user interface language options are available under the View/Language menu.

Refer to this link for a full list of product features and specifications.

A trial version of the Editor is available for download from www.TatukGIS.com. The retail version may be purchased directly from the www.TatukGIS.com web site.

Concurrent with the release of the GIS Editor product, TatukGIS has also released the latest update of the free GIS Viewer (to v., adding support for the ERDAS IMG image format, the latest MrSID and ECW libraries, a user defined scale for viewing/printing, and other miscellaneous improvements.