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TatukGIS Releases the AIC v. 2.0 Upgrade

October 06, 2005

TatukGIS announces the release of the version 2.0 of the Aerial Imagery Correct product for rectifying, georeferencing, mosaicing aerial photos, satellite images, and scanned maps to geographical coordinate systems. The version 2.0 is provided as a free upgrade for all AIC licensed users, regardless of how long ago the AIC license was purchased.

The AIC 2.0 adds the following significant features:

  • Support for opening a number of additional image file types - MrSID, PNG, IMG, JPEG2000, CADRG, TIFF with LZW and other compression schemes � and the support of these image types as reference images.
  • Additional vector file types supported as reference files: GML, DLG, SDTS, VPF, TIGER plus improved DXF and DGN rendering
  • Much improved export functionality with custom settings to control the compression level, number of bits, and resolution level.
  • TIFF/GeoTIFF generation with LZW compression.
  • Upgrade to version 2 of the PixelStore format which is faster, more robust, offers greater data compression possibilities, and supports SQL Server databases for storage of even the largest image mosaics.
  • Presentation of numbered GCPs in the reference image window as well as in the working file window
  • GCP coordinate information, RMS calculations, and other data presented as a table.
  • Bug fixes and updated product tutorials and guide.


TatukGIS also announces the establishment of an AIC licensed user forum on the TatukGIS web site to allow licensed users to communicate and help each other with the use of the AIC product.