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TatukGIS Releases the Free GIS Viewer

January 14, 2003

TatukGIS has released its Free Viewer 1.0 product, which is available for anyone to download from the TatukGIS web site (www.tatukgis.com). This GIS Viewer is compatible with most raster and vector data formats and packs impressive functionality into a free product. Like all TatukGIS products, the Viewer offers excellent speed. Product features include:

  • Image formats: TIFF/GeoTIFF, ECW, MrSID, BMP, SPOT, JPEG, PNG, RPF, Grid ASCII (DTM), Grid FLOAT (DTM), BT (DTM), TatukGIS PixelStore
    Vector formats: SHP, E00, MIF/MID, TAB, DXF, DGN, TIGER, GML, OpenGIS SQL layers
    Georeferenced Images: GeoTIFF, World File, and TAB based
  • Open most ESRI ArcView� or MapInfo Professional� projects as well as TatukGIS project files
  • Create new TatukGIS project files
  • Zoom in/out, pan
  • Add, remove, and reorder project layers; unlimited number of layers
  • Alter the appearance (colors, styles, fills, outlines, symbols, transparency, etc.) of vector layers
  • Manipulate pixel layers, including transparency, histogram, brightness, color enhancing, etc.
  • Render vector maps thematically based on attributes, colored-gradient value themes
  • Present data as bar and pie charts
  • Advanced spatial selection (by point, line, circle, polygon) and clipboard layer
  • Customize label fonts, sizes, colors, positions, etc.
  • Print and print preview, print to PDF file
  • Export to image files: TIFF/GeoTIFF/LZW, JPEG, PNG, PixelStore
  • Multi-language user interface (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian)
  • The Viewer includes the "Internet Server Wizard" for the easy set up of projects for web publishing with the TatukGIS Internet Server. Any project set up that can be visualized in the Viewer can be easily web published with the TatukGIS Internet Server LITE product.
A later version 2 of the TatukGIS Free Viewer will add support for geographic coordinate systems, WMS compatibility, and export to the ECW image format.