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TatukGIS Releases the GIS Editor 2.0 Upgrade

May 27, 2009

TatukGIS has released the 2.0 upgrade of its desktop GIS Editor product with significant new features such as advanced support for coordinate systems, many new data formats, and scripting for customizing or extending the Editor beyond its core features. The core product remains intuitive and easy to use while the new scripting features make the Editor also appropriate for specialized situations requiring advanced level GIS functionality.

New version 2.0 features:

  • NEW! Pascal and Basic scripting support including a full-fledged scripting IDE for writing and debugging code that exposes the full power of the TatukGIS Developer Kernel, with its hundreds of classes and thousands of methods, inside the Editor. (GIS consultants and value-added solution providers take notice!)
  • NEW! Sample scripts illustrating export to Google Earth, cooperation with Google Maps and Virtual Earth, GPS tracking, Downloading WFS layer, coordinate calculations, and other custom functions
  • NEW! Advanced support for coordinate systems/projections based on EPSG codes with almost 3,000 predefined coordinate systems (including all U.S. State Planes), user-defined coordinate systems
  • NEW! On-the-fly reprojection of pixel (images), grid (dem), and vector layers with display of maps from different coordinate system on a single map; in most cases the coordinate system parameters are read directly from the layer
  • NEW! Support for new data formats: TAB/MAP, DWG2000, S-57, JSON, WMS, WFS, LandXML, OpenStreetMap, GSHHS, FME, MSSQL Spatial Server, PostGIS, Oracle GeoRaster, ArcSDE Raster, Surfer Grid
  • NEW! Support for user-defined layer to read/write data from almost any source
  • NEW! Editing/storage of 3D shapes (Z & M values)
  • NEW! Grid data export
  • NEW! Database joining for live joins to external databases
  • NEW! Antialiased output for enhanced map rendering quality
  • NEW! Full Unicode support for all foreign language characters
  • NEW! HTML style rendering of labels
  • NEW! Hierarchical layers, layer grouping, sub-projects
  • NEW! Template based printing - ability to add new print layouts
  • IMPROVED! Support for already supported formats such as TAB (writing), WMS (final support), KML with automatic coordinate system support and other changes to improve compatibility or performance
  • IMPROVED! Better user interface for faster and more intuitive operations
  • IMPROVED! Improved data table operations
  • IMPROVED! Default world and continent mini-map presentation
  • IMPROVED! Rewritten help files
  • IMPROVED! Thousands of other small improvements

Refer to the Editor product page for a full description and list of specifications.

The version 2.0 is a free upgrade for all customers of the TatukGIS Editor product. Others are invited to try the Editor 2.0 trial version.